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Top Graduate Employers in Canada

Top graduate employers in Canada

Embarking on the journey from academia to the professional world is a significant step, and the choice of your first employer plays a crucial role in shaping your career. Canada, with its robust and diverse economy, offers a plethora of opportunities for recent graduates. Here’s a comprehensive guide to some of the top graduate employers in Canada.


Headquartered in Ottawa, Shopify is a leading e-commerce company that has revolutionized online retail and it is considered as one of the top graduate employers in Canada. It provides a dynamic work environment, fostering innovation and creativity. For graduates venturing into the professional world, this tech giant unfolds a spectrum of opportunities spanning software development, marketing, and customer support.

At Shopify, the ethos is one of constant evolution and pushing boundaries. The company’s headquarters is not merely an office space; it’s a hub of ingenuity where ideas translate into digital storefronts that redefine the shopping experience. As a graduate, joining Shopify isn’t just about a job; it’s an invitation to be part of a journey that shapes the future of how we buy and sell in the digital age.

Roles for Graduates:

  1. Software Development: Dive into the intricacies of coding, software architecture, and development methodologies to contribute to the backbone of Shopify’s technological prowess.
  2. Marketing: Explore the dynamic world of e-commerce marketing, crafting strategies that resonate with a global audience and propel brands to new heights.
  3. Customer Support: Engage with clients from around the world, providing unparalleled assistance and ensuring their experience with Shopify is seamless and satisfying.

TD Bank Group

Toronto-Dominion Bank, commonly known as TD Bank Group, is one of the largest and most reputable banks in the country, TD Bank Group extends a diverse array of opportunities for graduates across multiple domains, ranging from finance and technology to marketing and human resources.

Roles for Graduates:

  1. Finance: For graduates with a penchant for numbers and a keen understanding of financial systems, TD Bank Group opens doors to a world of opportunities in various financial roles. From investment banking to risk management, there’s a spectrum of roles to explore.
  2. Technology: TD Bank Group offers graduates the chance to be at the forefront of innovation. Dive into the realm of fintech, software development, and cybersecurity to contribute to the bank’s technological resilience.
  3. Marketing: Craft compelling narratives and strategies that resonate with a diverse clientele. TD Bank Group’s marketing division provides an exciting space for graduates to explore the dynamic world of financial marketing.
  4. Human Resources: At the core of any successful organization is its people. TD Bank Group recognizes this and offers opportunities for graduates in human resources to contribute to the bank’s thriving work culture.

RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) stands tall as a global financial institution, leaving an indelible mark on the Canadian financial landscape. For graduates seeking a dynamic and impactful career, RBC offers a myriad of opportunities across various sectors, including banking, wealth management, and technology.

Roles for Graduates:

  1. Banking: Dive into the intricate world of banking services. RBC provides graduates with opportunities to work in retail banking, corporate banking, and investment banking, gaining exposure to diverse financial domains.
  2. Wealth Management: Join the ranks of experts in managing wealth and investments. RBC’s wealth management division offers graduates the chance to work with high-net-worth clients, providing financial advisory services and investment solutions.
  3. Technology: In an era dominated by digital transformation, RBC is at the forefront of technological innovation. Graduates can explore roles in software development, data analytics, and cybersecurity, contributing to RBC’s technological resilience.

Bell Canada

Bell Canada, the nation’s largest telecommunications company, stands at the forefront of shaping Canada’s digital landscape. For graduates seeking a dynamic career in telecommunications, technology, and customer service, Bell Canada presents a myriad of exciting opportunities.

Roles for Graduates:

  1. Telecommunications: At the heart of Bell Canada’s operations is telecommunications. Graduates can dive into roles involving network infrastructure, telephony, and the deployment of cutting-edge communication technologies.
  2. Technology: In an era dominated by technological advancements, Bell Canada provides a thriving ground for tech enthusiasts. Graduates can explore roles in software development, data analytics, and cybersecurity, contributing to the technological resilience of the company.
  3. Customer Service: With a commitment to delivering top-notch services, Bell Canada values professionals who excel in customer interaction. Graduates have the opportunity to join customer service teams, enhancing their interpersonal skills while addressing the evolving needs of clients.


KPMG, standing prominently among the renowned “Big Four” accounting firms, presents an enriching environment for graduates seeking diverse opportunities in audit, tax, and advisory services. Graduates joining KPMG embark on a journey of professional growth within a culture that fosters collaboration and support.

Job Roles for Graduates:

  1. Audit Associate: In the realm of audit services, graduates can take on roles as Audit Associates. They play a pivotal role in examining financial statements, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards.
  2. Tax Consultant: KPMG’s tax consultancy services offer graduates the chance to delve into the complexities of tax structures. Consultants provide insights to clients, helping them navigate the ever-evolving landscape of tax regulations.
  3. Advisory Analyst: As an Advisory Analyst, graduates become integral parts of teams providing strategic advice to clients. This role involves analyzing business processes, identifying opportunities for improvement, and offering solutions.
  4. Data Analyst (Advisory): With the increasing significance of data in decision-making, KPMG offers roles for graduates interested in data analytics within the advisory domain. This involves interpreting data to guide clients in making informed business decisions.
  5. Management Consulting Associate: Graduates passionate about helping organizations enhance efficiency and effectiveness can explore roles as Management Consulting Associates. They collaborate with clients to address business challenges and implement strategic solutions.
  6. Risk Consultant: In a world where businesses face an array of risks, graduates can contribute to risk management as consultants. They assess potential risks, develop mitigation strategies, and assist clients in maintaining resilience.


Bombardier stands as a global beacon of innovation in the aerospace and transportation sectors. For graduates aspiring to be part of cutting-edge projects and technological advancements, Bombardier offers a dynamic platform for career growth.

Job Roles for Graduates:

  1. Aerospace Engineer: Graduates with a passion for aircraft design, propulsion systems, and aviation technologies can take on roles as Aerospace Engineers. They contribute to the development of efficient and advanced aerospace solutions.
  2. Mechanical Engineer: In the realm of transportation, Bombardier provides opportunities for Mechanical Engineers. These professionals work on designing, testing, and improving mechanical systems within various transportation modes.
  3. Project Manager: Bombardier’s expansive projects require adept Project Managers. Graduates in this role oversee the planning, execution, and successful delivery of projects, ensuring they align with the company’s objectives.
  4. Software Developer (Transportation Systems): The technological evolution in transportation demands skilled Software Developers. Graduates working in this capacity contribute to the development of software systems that enhance the efficiency and safety of transportation systems.
  5. Electrical Systems Designer: Bombardier’s commitment to electric transportation opens avenues for graduates in Electrical Systems Design. They play a crucial role in creating sustainable and technologically advanced electrical systems for transportation.
  6. Quality Assurance Specialist: Ensuring the highest standards in aerospace and transportation, Quality Assurance Specialists work meticulously to guarantee the safety and reliability of Bombardier’s products.

Microsoft Canada

As a global tech giant, Microsoft has established itself as a beacon of innovation, and its Canadian operations offer a vibrant space for graduates to embark on dynamic careers in technology. It is one of the top graduate employers in Canada.

Job Roles for Graduates:

  1. Software Developer: Graduates with a knack for coding and software design can find their niche in software development roles. They contribute to creating cutting-edge applications and solutions.
  2. Marketing Specialist: Microsoft’s expansive product range requires adept marketing professionals. Graduates in marketing roles play a vital part in promoting and strategizing the company’s diverse offerings.
  3. Sales Representative: As a Sales Representative, graduates engage with clients, understanding their needs and aligning them with Microsoft’s products and services. It’s a role that requires excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  4. AI and Machine Learning Engineer: In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Microsoft is at the forefront. Graduates in this field contribute to developing AI solutions that drive innovation across various industries.
  5. Cloud Solutions Architect: With Microsoft Azure gaining prominence, Cloud Solutions Architects are in demand. Graduates in this role design and implement scalable and secure cloud solutions.
  6. Data Scientist: In the era of big data, graduates with skills in data science find exciting opportunities at Microsoft. They analyze and interpret complex data sets, deriving insights that fuel business decisions.


As one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, Deloitte stands as a global leader in professional services, providing a wide array of opportunities for graduates across various domains.

Job Roles for Graduates:

  1. Auditor: Graduates entering auditing roles at Deloitte play a crucial part in examining financial statements, ensuring accuracy, and providing insights that guide business decisions.
  2. Consultant: Deloitte’s consulting services cover a spectrum of industries. Graduates in consulting roles work on diverse projects, offering solutions to complex business challenges.
  3. Risk Management Specialist: Managing risks is integral to business success. Graduates in risk management roles help organizations identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks.
  4. Financial Analyst: In financial analyst roles, graduates delve into financial data, providing insights that aid in financial planning and decision-making.
  5. Technology Consultant: Deloitte’s focus on technology consulting offers graduates opportunities to work at the intersection of business and technology, advising clients on tech-driven strategies.
  6. Tax Advisor: Graduates in tax advisory roles navigate the complexities of tax regulations, providing guidance to clients to optimize their tax positions.

Suncor Energy

Suncor Energy stands as a key player in Canada’s energy landscape, offering graduates a pathway to engaging and impactful careers in the dynamic field of energy.

Job Roles for Graduates:

  1. Petroleum Engineer: Graduates in petroleum engineering roles contribute to the extraction and processing of oil and gas resources, employing innovative technologies to enhance efficiency.
  2. Environmental Scientist: Suncor’s commitment to sustainability involves managing environmental impacts. Graduates in environmental science roles play a vital part in ensuring responsible and eco-friendly practices.
  3. Mechanical Engineer: In roles related to mechanical engineering, graduates are involved in designing, analyzing, and improving machinery and processes within Suncor’s extensive operations.
  4. Chemical Technologist: Graduates in this role support various processes within the energy sector, utilizing their skills in chemical analysis, testing, and quality control.
  5. Project Manager: Suncor undertakes diverse projects. Graduates in project management roles are responsible for planning, executing, and overseeing these projects, ensuring they align with organizational goals.
  6. Data Analyst: In an era of data-driven decision-making, graduates in data analyst roles contribute to extracting valuable insights that inform strategic decisions within Suncor.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is a pivotal institution in Canada’s public service sector, offering graduates a unique opportunity to contribute to the nation’s economic well-being.

Job Roles for Graduates:

  1. Tax Analyst: Graduates in tax analyst roles play a crucial part in analyzing tax laws and regulations, ensuring compliance, and providing valuable insights for policy development.
  2. Policy Advisor: Graduates involved in policy development contribute to shaping fiscal policies that impact the economic landscape of Canada, considering factors like taxation and financial regulations.
  3. Auditor: In roles related to auditing, graduates contribute to ensuring transparency and accountability in financial processes, safeguarding the integrity of Canada’s economic systems.
  4. Information Technology Specialist: As technology plays a vital role in modern fiscal operations, graduates in IT roles support the development and maintenance of digital systems for efficient tax administration.
  5. Customer Service Representative: Graduates interacting with the public as customer service representatives play a pivotal role in addressing inquiries, providing information, and ensuring positive taxpayer experiences.

These ten companies are the top graduate employers in Canada. Choosing the right employer is a crucial decision that can shape the trajectory of your professional life. The companies mentioned above are not only industry leaders but are also known for their commitment to employee growth, diversity, and innovation. As a graduate entering the Canadian job market, consider your interests, values, and long-term career goals when exploring opportunities with these top employers. Each offers a unique work culture and a chance to be part of Canada’s thriving economy. Good luck on your journey from academia to a fulfilling career!

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