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Quebec Experienced Program (PEQ)

The Québec Government has introduced a new program named Graduate Stream and Temporary Worker Stream to encourage foreign workers and international students completing a program of post secondary studies to permanently remain in the province.

The Québec Experience Program (PEQ) is a new simplified process leading to permanent residence for two categories of applicants. The program allows temporary foreign workers and international students to apply for permanent residence from within Québec after completing a period of qualified work or approved studies.

 Quebec Experience Program for Students:

For students to be eligible, they must have studied in Québec and are at the advanced stages of obtaining program or diplomas.


  • Conformed to condition as student
  • Received a recognized diploma from Quebec within the last 36 month: Bachelor/Masters/PHD/DEC DEP and ASP (1800 hours of training)
  • DEP – Diploma of Vocational Studies involving 1,800 hours of study;
  • DEP and an ASP (AVS – Attestation of Vocational Specialization) totalling 1,800 hours;
  • DEC – Diploma of College Studies, technical training;
  • French Skills: Study program completed in French or 3 years of secondary/post-secondary studies in French or completed B2 course in French by MIDI or Passed French Exam.
  • Not eligible if graduate must return to country of origin or started a new study program or over 50% of course was completed outside Quebec.
  • The diploma or degree must be granted by a university or by a public education institution located in Quebec and recognized by the government. In addition, the international student must possess an intermediate knowledge of oral French.

Students may submit their application for permanent residence from within Quebec six months before completing their program of study. The Certificate de Selection du Quebec (CSQ) is issued to the student upon confirmation of successful completion of an approved program of study.

Quebec Experience Program for Temporary Workers:

To qualify under the PEQ, the applicant must be residing temporarily in Quebec as a temporary foreign worker or as a participant in an approved work holiday program.


  • The applicant must have been employed full-time in Quebec at a technical, professional or managerial level for a period of 12 months in the 24 months that precede the submission of the application. The 12-month period need not be continuous and can be accumulated with more than one employer. The applicant must have been employed in an occupation with a skill level of NOC OAB In Quebec,
  • Full-time employment constitutes a minimum of 30 hours of paid work per week.
  • Self-employed work is not accepted
  • Candidate is not an owner of the business.

At the time of submission of the application, the temporary foreign worker must be employed full-time and must be in full compliance with the visa conditions of a temporary foreign worker.

The temporary foreign worker must also possess an intermediate knowledge of oral French.

Under the PEQ program, there is no selection interview. Selection decisions are made solely from the information and documentary evidence submitted on file. It is anticipated that processing delays will conclude in approximately 1-2 months to issuance of a CSQ. Once issued, the applicant would apply for permanent residence through an appropriate federal immigration office to conclude health, security and related matters.